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Visit to the family farm and woodland walks are a pleasure not to be missed!

Natural forest park of Anlier

Neufchâteau is part of the natural park of the forest of Anlier. The village of Cousteumont itself is surrounded by this great forest. By clicking           you will arrive at the site of the natural park of the Haute-Sure.

Fishing and water fun


The Lake of Neufchâteau has an area of 6 hectares with a sandy beach and a swimming area. The place offers large spaces for relaxation and recreation. Sports Complex add tennis courts, beach volleyball, mini golf, playground, BBQ areas, the walks, paddle boats, fishing lake.

Click          to get access to the 360° immersive tour of the Lac of Neufchâteau

Click           and you will access to information from the Tourism Federation of Belgian Luxembourg.




The playground of the village
In an organic farm still in activity with wild deer park


The owners are local people who have chosen to pursue a farming business focused on organic production. Children will enjoy the contact with animals such as sheep, Ardennes draft horse, rabbits, chickens and even a deer park.

The province of Luxembourg is full of natural resources

By clicking on the provincial logo you will access the web page of the province and discover the current activities available.

The playground of the village is located 50 metres from the cottages. It offers the possibility to play basketball and bocce. A big swing and a slide are also available for the enjoyment of children.

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